GoPro Grand Prix IndyCar

Clark Reder Engineering designed multiple towers mounted on G-blocks to support a blow-through shade material at the Sonoma Raceway.  The structure withstood a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. Check out the article in BizBash. Client: Pen & Public

NFL Mobile Stage

Filmwerks International hired Clark Reder Engineering to assist in the design of the NFL Network mobile set used for NFL Thursday night.  The structure transforms from a 7’x7′ rectangle to a full set within 2 minutes using hydraulics and elbow grease.  Check out this article about the NFL Mobile Stage. Client: Filmwerks International

2013 Celebrity Beach Bowl

Clark Reder Engineering teamed with Murphy Productions on this challenging winter event held outdoors at Pier 40 in Manhattan.  Clark Reder was not only responsible for this unique hybrid tent/concert roof structure but also for reviewing the capacity of the 60 year structure that was supporting it.  The structure was built over the month of […]

Summer X Games 2014

Clark Reder Engineering was responsible for the design and review of all temporary structures erected for this event.  The structures consisted of aluminum box truss towers, scaffold camera platforms, scaffold VIP structures, the 110’ tall Big Air Jump, scaffold style seating risers and various other structures.  Clark Reder also provided on-site structural observation for this […]

Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013

Clark Reder Engineering was hired to perform both structural design for this temporary diving platform as well as on-site coordination efforts.  The main dive structure was designed as a rigid platform.  Additionally, the existing building structure and dive area could not be impacted by the design and/or construction.  Clark Reder Engineering helped provide on-site expertise […]

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2014

Clark Reder Engineering Inc performed the structural analysis of this temporary scaffold structure stretching ¼ mile through downtown St. Paul, MN.  The course consisted of numerous obstacles, hairpin turns and bridges.  Clark Reder provided on-site structural observations and worked closely with the City of St. Paul to make this event successful. Client: Brown United  

Monster Structure at Winter X Games 2014

Etzel hired Clark Reder Engineering to provide engineering and drawings for this two story aluminum truss VIP activation structure.  The structure was laterally stabilized by both external guy wires down to ballast as well as earth anchors.  The main structure was erected using 20.5”x20.5” aluminum box truss supporting 6” aluminum beam and plywood sheathing.  The […]

Jay Z/JT Tour 2013 at Fenway

The structural analysis of the K2 Roof System (owned by G2 Structures) was done by Clark Reder Engineering. The structure was installed with 60’ aluminum truss towers supporting a 74’x55’ aluminum truss grid and included offstage wings to support additional sound and video.  The final structure supported a total show rigging load of approximately 130,000 […]

Northwestern University Commencement 2014

Clark Reder Engineering provided the structural engineering services for the video wall goal post structures used for at this prestigious university. Client: Tall City

ESPN Super Bowl Stage 2014

Filmwerks International retained Clark Reder Engineering to perform the structural design for this temporary TV studio used at the Superbowl by the NFL Network.  The structure was 60’x30′ with glass walls creating the studio.  Clark Reder assisted in the pre-event test build as well as performed on site inspections. Client: Filmwerks

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