About Us

Both Daniel and Jeff started their engineering careers specializing in building design while working at structural consulting firms.  They quickly realized their passion for designing entertainment structures.

In Fall of 2009, Daniel and Jeff started Clark Reder Engineering in an office in Daniel’s garage. Eighteen months later, they hired their first full-time engineer.

As more companies in the Entertainment Industry learned about Clark Reder Engineering’s ability to understand the complexity of entertainment structures, Daniel and Jeff needed even more help and office space.

In summer of 2011, Clark Reder Engineering moved into a 1,600 sq ft office space.  Filling that office with three detailers, three administrative assistants, four engineers, plus Jeff and Daniel forced us to move to our current location in Fall 2014.  The year 2017 brought another office expansion to accommodate the hiring of additional personnel bringing the current total to fourteen engineers and four detailers.

We are registered in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico, Guam, the District of Columbia, Alberta Canada, British Columbia, Manitoba Canada, Ontario Canada and Saskatchewan Canada.

We are qualified to promptly handle any structural engineering challenge. We pride ourselves on understanding how entertainment structures are built and used.  We use that knowledge to design economical and realistic permanent and temporary entertainment structures.

We are The Engineering Behind Entertainment®.
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