Stanford Bing Concert Hall

Structural design and review of the performance rigging and support framing for the rigging loads and the local seismic forces was performed  by Clark Reder Engineering. Client: JR Clancy

Singapore Civic Cultural Retail Complex

Clark Reder Engineering performed the structural design and analysis for the theatrical rigging installation at the Singapore Civic Cultural Retail Complex.  The installation included: motorized stage hoists, chain hoist gantry system over stage, front of house Austrian curtain hoist and support framing, and front of house speaker cluster hoists and support framing. The design of […]

Smith Center for Performing Arts

  Clark Reder Engineering designed the 90’x50′ orchestra shell ceiling that weighed 95,000 lbs.  The shell ceiling plays horizontal and stores vertically against the upstage wall.  We provided structural design of forestage orchestra reflector that deploys the same but at a slightly smaller scale. Client: CK Wenger

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