Aerosmith 2015 Blue Army Tour

RCS Corporation hired Clark Reder Engineering to design the temporary outdoor stage and roof system.  The stage and roof system were used for the first stop on Aerosmith’s Blue Army Tour at Petco Park in San Diego. Client: RCS Corporation

Bunbury Festival 2015

Clark Reder Engineering designed three temporary, outdoor roof structures for the 2015 Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Clark Reder Engineering also performed structural observations for the structures. Client: Loud and Clear

US Open Tennis 2015

Clark Reder Engineering designed several temporary modtruss structures.  The structures were used during the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York. Client: Filmwerks International

2015 Summer X Games

Clark Reder Engineering reviewed temporary truss and scaffold structures for the Summer X Games.  The review included site visits to observe the construction. Check out this video of our engineers hard at work. Client: ESPN

Hard Summer Music Festival 2015

Clark Reder Engineering designed the temporary scaffold structure that supported lighting, audio, and video equipment for the Hard Summer music festival held in Pomona, California.  Ballast requirements and an operations management plan were part of engineering services.  Clark Reder Engineering was also on site during the build to assist with permits and structural observation services. […]

2015 Rock in Rio Festival

Clark Reder Engineering partnered with Rock World USA on the design of several temporary stages and structures built for the 2015 Rock in Rio Music Festival.  The festival was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Client: Rock World USA, LLC

Grateful Dead 2015

Clark Reder Engineering was the Engineer of Record for this farewell event that was held in both Santa Clara, CA as well as Chicago, IL.  Clark Reder Engineering was responsible for the overall structural review of the roof system and delay towers. Client: G2 Structures

House of Whatever Super Bowl 2015

Clark Reder Engineering designed temporary container and truss structures for the Bud Light House of Whatever at the 2015 Super Bowl. The temporary structures included entrance structure, signs, stage, slide, tent, box office, 38′ tall beer bottle, and a gorilla. Client: Hargrove Inc

DIRECTV Super Fan Festival 2015

Clark Reder Engineering partnered with Murphy Productions again for the design of several temporary structures constructed for the DIRECTV Super Fan Festival.  The festival was at the Pendergast Family Farm in Glendale, Arizona across the street from the University of Phoenix Stadium. Client: Murphy Productions    

2015 Electric Zoo

Clark Reder Engineering performed structural analysis on the four scaffold stages and the signage towers for the 2015 Electric Zoo in New York.  Operation management plans and drawings were provided for each stage. Client: SFX Entertainment Inc

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