Deadmau5 DJ LED Cube 2.1

Clark Reder Engineering reviewed the framing, connections and components and the global stability of the LED display cube designed by Tait Towers. The cube had moving LED faces and was designed for indoor and outdoor use. For more details and behind the scenes video, go to Tait Towers website here. Client: Tait Towers


Clark Reder Engineering designed and reviewed the automation truss, components, and connections for rapper G-Dragon. The truss included a rotating LED cube.  Clark Reder also verified the truss capacity for a tracking trolley with rotating LED Walls below and all components of the rotating LED Walls. Client: Acass Systems

2017 Presidential Inauguration

This Is It Stage Works hired Clark Reder Engineering Inc to perform structural analysis for the scaffold structures constructed at the Lincoln Memorial for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Events. Clark Reder Engineering performed on site structural observation for the entire build. Client: This Is It Stage Works

Garth Brooks at Yankee Stadium

Clark Reder Engineering Inc. teamed up with G2 structures for this iconic show held at Yankee Stadium.  The K2 Aluminum Concert Roof was utilized to support production weights on the order of 200,000 pounds including 70’ wide offstage video walls.   Client: G2 Structures

Buckeye Country Superfest 2016

Clark Reder Engineering designed this 74’ wide by 72’ deep concert roof with 52’ offstage wings.  The structure was installed at Buckeye Stadium for a three day festival event.    Client: G2 Structures  

Chapman Shell

Clark Reder Engineering provided structural design for the orchestra shell walls and ceilings.   This project was unique due to the size and weight of the walls and ceilings (nearly 50,000 lbs for the walls alone, with an additional 25,000 lbs for the ceiling), and the added complexity of the side walls having to track offstage […]

Polartec Big Air at Fenway

US Grand Prix Snowboarding and freeskiing tour event at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Clark Reder Engineering provided the structural engineering for this 140 ft tall snow ramp constructed using omni ring steel scaffold.  The structure was taller than the lights at Fenway park and could be seen from outside the park. Client: Consultantzee Check out […]

Amazon Web Services re:Play Party 2015

Clark Reder Engineering provided structural engineering services for a corporate party in Las Vegas which included a concert roof system, scaffold towers, and a custom shipping container perimeter wall. Clark Reder also provided on-site real time engineering and troubleshooting services during construction. Client: Production Club

Super Bowl City 2016

Jeff Reder is at the 4:00 mark.   Check out this article from – Super Bowl 50 Broadcast Structures

InfoComm 2015

The aluminum truss structure that supported the 25′ tall x 55′ letters was designed by Clark Reder Engineering. The fabric letters were installed for InfoComm 2015 in Florida. Client: Tomcat USA

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