Smith Center for Performing Arts

  Clark Reder Engineering designed the 90’x50′ orchestra shell ceiling that weighed 95,000 lbs.  The shell ceiling plays horizontal and stores vertically against the upstage wall.  We provided structural design of forestage orchestra reflector that deploys the same but at a slightly smaller scale. Client: CK Wenger

2014 Celebrity Beach Bowl

Clark Reder Engineering was instrumental in the success of this massive temporary structure installed at Pier 40 along the Hudson River.  The main structure provided a space for both a daytime celebrity football game as well as a nighttime concert by Jay Z.  The main structure was a hybrid tent/steel concrete roof.  The main superstructure […]

Ultra Fest Miami 2013

Clark Reder Engineering was the Engineer of Record for numerous steel truss and scaffold stages for this multiple weekend festival and was contracted to provide site inspection services. Client: Mountain Productions

Absolut Vodka Sculpture/Bar

Clark Reder provided peer review services as well as on-site inspection for this wood framed bar structure installed temporarily at Miami Beach for an art event. The entire structure was manufactured in Germany and brought to the US. Client: Uniplan

Bayou Country Superfest – Baton Rouge, LA

Clark Reder Engineering was the Engineer of Record for this weekend long country concert. The roof system is an aluminum truss structure capable of supporting rigging for large scale concert events. Client: G2 Structures

Twilight Park Concert Roof

This permanently installed aluminum concert roof located in California was designed by Clark Reder Engineering. The main roof is 85′ wide x 65′ deep and hads 35′ offstage wings.  Clark Reder Engineering was also responsible for the design of the foundations. Client: Total Structures

Stations Casino Temporary Concert Venue

Stations Casino installed these temporary seating risers for the summer.  The seating riser system is composed of steel framed risers supported by steel omni ring scaffold.  Clark Reder Engineering was responsible for engineering of seating risers, concert roof and on-site inspections. Client: Brown United

Banff Front of House Truss

Clark Reder Engineering was hired to design the Front of House lighting truss at this outdoor amphitheater.  The main cross stage truss spans 82′ and is supported on 40′ towers.  Clark Reder Engineering coordinated the foundation design with the a local engineering firm. Client: James Thomas Engineering

WWE WrestleMania XXIX

Clark Reder Engineering provided the structural engineering for the temporary structures including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building and the facade wall surrounding the stage roof. Check out more details about the temporary structures in the June edition of Sign Builder Illustrated Magazine. Client: Propmasters    

Taylor Swift Red Tour at Dallas Cowboy Stadium

Clark Reder Engineering was contracted to provide structural plans for the temporary concert grid which is installed at Cowboys Stadium for concert events. We also provided structural analysis for the rigging loads associated with the Taylor Swift concert as well as on site inspection services. Client: Dallas Cowboys

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