“Thanks for all your hard work on this project. Came out great, and the client was very happy with our work.”

Daniel Broadhead
Gallagher Staging & Productions


“Thank you Jeff! Greatly appreciated. Another great job done by you and your team.”

Andrew Wilkinson
United Staging


“Thank you so much. I must say I am extremely impressed with you and your firm.   I just may have found my new engineer of choice!!”

James Schipper
Kinetic Lighting, Inc.


Thank you for all of your help with the engineering work for our Baylor events. Your team made the process so easy!

Sarah Butt
Big House Sound


All of us at Dodd Technologies have a great level of trust in Clark Reder Engineering, and there is peace of mind in knowing that you understand the deadlines in our industry and support us in every way that you can. Thanks again!

Andy Gerber
Dodd Technologies, Inc.


 “I really appreciate all of your help with the event, you both go over and above what is asked of you and its awesome, so a big thank you!!”

Andrew Markay
Hangman Productions


“Thank you Clark Reder Engineering for assisting us in designing and implementing safe & amazing structures.”

Arlene Bloss
Event Scaffold Resources


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