GE High Speed Lighting

GE Test Systems Engineering employed Clark Reder Engineering to design the components of the High-Speed Imaging Lighting for the Peebles Test Operations. Clark Reder designed the support brackets for 180-degree light truss, designed the conex box support dolly, designed the light tower ballast, analyzed the existing wind tunnel for new loads, and analyzed the existing […]

Indian Ridge Condominium Deck Replacement

Clark Reder Engineering designed several new wood decks to replace the original damaged decks.  The design not only included the wood beams and column design, it also included the design of the connections to the existing brick building and the new foundations. Client: Jack Johnson  

GE Blast Wall

General Electric Aircraft Engines hired Clark Reder Engineering to provide structural analysis of the upper and lower blast wall structure for the thrust reverser loads during engine testing.   Clark Reder Engineering also provided mechanical design of the drive system that separates the upper and lower walls. Client: General Electric Aviation

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